The College Classroom of Tomorrow -Today!

Personalized Immersive Learning


At GECU, we propel our students into the future of total wraparound learning in a world unique to GECU. Learning can take place anywhere in the world at any time 24/7 providing immersive learners with extraordinary meaningful personalized education results. GECU strives to ensure knowledge acquisition is relevant and remains always committed to providing the most advanced education methodology in the world today. to each and every one of its students, trainees and faculty.

Living Locally, Learning Globally


Co-Hort cooperation on a global scale of the kind GECU provides each student was unheard of a decade ago. Through advances in Internet technology and the advances made in delivery of high speed protocols worldwide, advances in higher education developed by agencies of the US government and cutting edge developers in higher education like university builder Global Academy Online and Visual Arts and Games developer Entertainment Arts Research Inc., has made possible GECU's user friendly and incredibly advanced educational pedagogy in higher education that makes attending class like visiting the hollow deck on the Star Ship Enterprise.  

Quality Guaranteed


GECU is the unchallenged cyber based immersive technology that all other higher education online, cyber based and immersive education will be judged. The world of science and technology can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to assure and provide our learners the highest-quality in visual arts, virtual reality and 3D totally immersive technology - Technology honed from America's Space program and exclusively licensed from NASA and EARI. GECU OFFERS the utmost in  professional results -  A guarantee of exceptional learner satisfaction.